The jungle husband

Only sometimes when a tree has fallen
The sun comes down plop, it is quite appalling.

Extract from ”the Jungle Husband” by Stevie Smith

The jungle husband proposes to go alone into the jungle a long way tomorrow. So he writes to his dear wife in the city. It is all fine in the jungle , where the landscape is generally grey but green on the top. Only some times ,when the tree has fallen, a big hole in space happens and the sun overhead comes down ,plop! . My God ,it is appalling.

What is appalling? The sun coming down quickly into the jungle when the tree which has so far hidden it from view falls and the sun is out in the open ? You thought  sun was way out somewhere in the sky but now it is right here. Its sudden presence here is frightening!

What if I were the jungle husband.I would find it appealing. I would write to my city wife this way :

“sometimes when a tree has fallen/The sun comes down plop,it is quite appealing”


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