The chicken situation

As we passed the chicken shop in the morning walk, we heard  the wails of the chicken coming from inside. The morning mood went poof. We imagined wails but they were not wails, just cries from inside the coop, for the sky. To the top of the fences where they would be found shouting what a glorious morning!

But what about the medium term future of the birds when their necks would be wrung for somebody’s stomach? Do not look at the chicken situation as a subjective reality. A subjective reality links today with the future possibility, a longer term reality.

Just look at it as a mere situation in which the bird is trying to clamber on to the fence,hindered by  slippery sticks and thorns. An objective reality of the chicken. The chicken cannot see itself going through the future possibility of its neck being wrung. So it is an objective reality for it right now.

God, may it remain an objective reality for me too.


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