Shape of sound

The morning was a pleasant concern with pipal leaves, their conically shaped needles piercing space in between grass-heads. The shapes were many, some conical but some shapes resembled sounds, being derived from them as bare feet scrunched their brown crispness. I asked what was the shape of a pipal leaf, fallen to the ground in autumn, whose needle edge ,when green made a funny sound when we rubbed it with wet hands in our childhood? The shape was a regular polygon,with the leaf tapering to the blue of the sky, waving to its breeze.

The shape of the pipal leaf was a “surrrr” sound as we rubbed it with wet hands.

The crow had a funny shape on the neem tree when it heaved its body ,up and down, as it cawed  and cawed , a hollow caw from its empty beak. Its cawing head was loosely screwed to its grey throat, as we feared it might slip and fall in the shape of its sound.

The unnamed bird on the unknowable tree issued short curt cries from its throat, one after the other, like a carpenter striking wood with his axe. There is regularity to its beat. Its shape should be presumably like water dripping from a leaking faucet at the dead of the night -tup..tup..tup..


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