This morning as I came out of  the park gate I saw the crow pecking  away at an angry lizard. The lizard got angry with the crow that was trying to eat it. There was no reason why the lizard should have got angry, opening its mouth wide. The crow flew away some distance ,seeing me because it thought I would get angry. Actually I was wondering if I should get angry at all. I remembered the caterpillar in a poem not getting angry , when being eaten by the ants crawling over it. The poet’s friend merely drew a circle in dirt about the dying caterpillar. She did not get angry. She merely fixed the composition.

I  fixed my composition  and came away. But I  looked back at the crow that got busy eating the lizard. Luckily the lizard was not angry with me. Nor the crow. Even if they were I could not have changed the composition.


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