Images from a childhood

Rifling through pictures ,as of yesterday we have made overdue poem today .The pictures are long and signing in dust from the old attic, with some lively ghosts while wind chimes keep signing somberly on morning silence minus its train blare.

The pictures are sometimes real images of men,children wading in dream waters ,their trousers rolled up to their wet knees. Men are children confused between states of sleep alternating between night and flood.

And the pictures are real of women climbing an attic for the long overdue green pickles and dream stops in the confused minds of men and children, in their mixed up states.The women are yet to pick up their wet white widowed cloths from the wall peg.The pictures are real in children and men in confused states ,in snakes and planes when the latter fall on the falling former in a Freudian sleep mixed up with nose cold.


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