Catters and cookings

We pass a yellow bus for a planet school. The school is a creek but we do not have sea in this around. We have no sea but a fetid lake where our village empties our dirty goods.

Beyond the lake is an island where we burn our plastic garbage . Our village burns it’s corpses there and on sunny days you will find their smoke rising to the clouds that look like cats on the prowl. There are rats scurrying in the garbage. The cats are always on their prowl.

We have no sea here but there may be an ocean beyond multi- coloured apartments where there were hills. The hills were all broken up into so many apartment holes. We have not seen the ocean here but we have seen scientists doing ocean research. There has got to be some ocean up there.

In our village we have catters and cookings. For everyone’s weddings and funerals. The catters have no cats to cater to nor are their cookings secret deals. They just cater to your wedding or funeral food needs. No cats are harmed in the process.


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