The blue kurunzi flower

They have gone away vacating this space .Here, on this dusty ground, there is a vacant space where there was a vaulting dome. Here elephants cried in streaming tears, shuffling and stamping chained feet. Now I see a one-legged crow sitting, quietly, on the cable that bridges the vast silences ,the only link between then and now, between man and humankind.

We had gone into the deep forest looking for a blue kurunji flower that bloomed once in twelve years. There was no blue kurunji flower in sight .An ebony-backed tribal laughed and denied there was any such thing. We do not believe him in wildest dreams .The old forest guard recalled the last time he had seen the tree in bloom. We shall wait for the next season .

Twelve years shall pass in no time .There will be some magnificent pageants in this space of time . And we will barter innocence for beauty.


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