Morning after

Just back from a giant Buddha on Krishna’s muddy banks.

There was also  a tall marble phallus God who looked us in the eye. There  the river flowed by in trickles . A few boats of people made vague gestures at us  from its streams.

Before, we spent an islands night in the river. A paper star shone bright on the boat anchoring shore ,mobbed by night moths. The river was gentle and shone with boats of incoming lights. In the morning we caught a biscuit of a sun in the clouds. A man  would dive into the sun on the river and quickly come up with river pearls.

The Buddha we saw sitting on a giant stupa. He was smiling at our ruins. In the museum we saw the ruins gathered up neatly for imagination.

 In the island four black dogs squatted in human corners. At midnight they would bark at wild boars and river snakes. Tall reeds waved to the  breeze on the ripples. A yellow Goddess Mother ruled the island. The same MA who sits on the hill lights looking over the city and the river barrage on which men went up and down.


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