I go in the supermarket for images, like the poet Ginsberg in California .I of course collect from the shelves Lion’s major deseeded dates. I have my dates to keep.

Can I do my listing ,like a bearded Yankie poet of the last century? He was listing blades of grass. He was making an inventory of the stars in the dark. He was pointing stars ,the way his beard went. What was the last count by him? Can we resume the count from where he had left off?

Now we collect images like Ginsberg. We wonder like him what good old Shakespeare is doing near watermelons. Perhaps he is counting the pearls of eyes ,as nothing  that doth change but doth suffer a sea-change.Into something rich and strange . Everything suffers a sea change ,including watermelons.

But how does Ginsberg count the grass under his feet ? That is where all images come from.


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