Girl giggles

An old gardener’s mobile conversation went south to his village.

Four girls came ,hand in hand,with ghost stories between them

In the meanwhile ,a sprinkler’s waterspout caught my unaware pant leg.

The girls no doubt came hand in hand but those ghost stories ?

I sure made them up .Actually those thoughts were holiday thoughts ,thoughts of a luxurious holiday spread before them in their morning space.

When the holidays come you go out ,hand in hand ,with silly thoughts on your mind and delicious freedom thoughts and girl giggles on your face .

Girl giggles are pointless giggles, where laughter comes first and the occasion for laughter later.

It is like you have seen a thing on the shop which you love but you have no money to buy it and the shop-keeper says you take it now and pay later.

We enjoy our laughter so much .We shall laugh now and find the provocation later.


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