The next day draws a blank

After a poemless day, a night full of sleep followed. At the peak of a night there lay a blank verse in three quatrains. The eyes would go red with  lack of sleep but their poetry refused to die down. It was a case of an utterly blank verse ,unrhymed and of unequal sized lines.

Let it be iambic pentameter , if not in abab cdcd etc. scheme., we said. So be it, night said.

Blank verse

Eyes swelled with dawn’s red waves of sun.
They were not in a pink of sleeping health.
There were no poems to flow from below
Where it lay prostrate swelling with night.

The central stream lay far in ocean waves.
Surface stream is not how we think we feel.
Words are a surface stream ,hardly a dawn.
A poem a day is somewhere deep in night.

Blank verse is a shallow deep of my sleep
Rising between oblivion and night’s sleep,
Between sleep and waking ,back to sleep
Words a forgetting, rhyme a mere sound.


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