The bed room and the chair

In the yellow house was the painted bedroom in its repose.An absence accentuated its yellow repose, in a chair kept vacant for a pair of lit candles and books.

The friend who painted yellow Hawaiian beauty in its starkness was on the way taking in the autumn splendor of miles and miles of countryside .There was autumn in the bed room, a yellow repose in the absence’s very chair.Absence went deep in the yellow autumn of countryside.

The friend would come and sit on his promised absence.There would be arguments. Their art would go in different ways.There would be no repose left in the bed room.The tones would change from a deep yellow to a bright red.

In the argument an ear had to go.A bleeding edge of argument.A painter who would cut off an ear to spite a face.

Repose left the bedroom.A year later repose would turn a stone .

(It is believed that Van Gogh the brilliant painter cut off his ear in a rage, in an argument with his friend and fellow painter Paul Gauguin)


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