A pound of images

Pound is my my favorite image maker, always into the joy of piling images on images , so far away in time ,yet so much in my reality. Histrion is an actor of bit parts . A morning poet’s images are his bit parts, acting them out for his  ancestors , who are broken images of his reality.

For now I am imaging an image, a pound of 1920’s loveliness. The poet-photographer has a lot of visual loveliness to cope with. A photographers images are poetry derived from little spaces between seeing and reality, from imaging of apparitions, a dream sequence between episodes of sleep.

A pound of loveliness was image.
As a poet’s mask one wore image,
Of a histrion of many apparitions,
In the world crafted as the image.

The world is apparition’s images,
In its overlapping and coinciding,
Many suns falling on one another
Beyond mountains  concurrently.

(reference is to Ezra Pound’s poem Histrion)


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