On the rocks were  silhouettes of two vultures . They  may be waiting for the  body to turn carrion. We hear the poet’s sister went to the nature camp as desired by her nature loving mom and returned with a deep and abiding knowledge of taxidermy.

Meanwhile the sun is set up in the sky  and the flies go about their business .

In the morning poem, the wild geese went about their business with  the sun in his sky. In the family of things, here, we have a gutter leaking like  bodies turning carrion while the vultures wait it  out  on the rocks .

Currently we are busy with the dead
In fine art and science of taxidermy,
Smelling foul like the leaking gutter.

We hate to see  gutter bodies leaking.
We let them dry on a roof in the sun.
Meanwhile maggots are celebrating
The wild geese doing their business


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