Rainbows and leaping hearts

The poet says the heart leaps when it beholds the rainbow . Child is father to man in all such rainbow views. The triolet trio by another poet  says the words are truly wild. How can that be ? It must be man is father to child.

The poor poet of the triolet trio has limitations. He has to repeat the same line at 1,4,6. in an eight-lined poem. With such limitations , he cannot say much.

Or may be ,father is child to man. Have you tried Cockles’ world famous  anti-bilious pills? The next door neighbor is saying there is no news in the Times Today .You plough through its pages for three hours to verify the claim and find it is true.

 In the meantime the child has grown to grandfather whose heart leaps on an ECG monitor.

(referring to G.M.Hopkins’  poem A Trio of Triolets )


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