Vernal surprise

A dad and uncle play shuttle ball with son and nephew. From the parrot green bench one extrapolates that everything is pretty and spring.

Morning was  spring that  had come as a surprise to the old man in autumn. A vernal surprise , the leaves  turn light green with nipple sized mangoes on spring trees .A man gets up to go, a towel slung on his shoulder. A woman hangs out a balcony like a wet cloth drying in spring sun.

For a while ,the old man forgot all about his winter.

Old man’s autumn has fallen away.
White fluffy things roam aimlessly,
Dry white bougainvillea are paper,
Some shreds of clouds on a lazy sky.

Woman steps out hanging balcony.
Man adjusts towel on his shoulder.
A child in street plays as silhouette.
Old man counts his vernal surprises.

Spring is  a surprise.


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